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DOB: October 10th, 1995 -November 8th, 2006

Shaydar's Legacy lives on (see In Memory)

DAM: German Shepherd X Labrador Retriever
SIRE: Unknown
NAME: Shaydar

Shaydar has participated in Flyball and the sport of Schutzhund. He has done extensive obedience work and he tracks. He has also had some fun herding. He is currently participating in agility and has started doing Rally Obedience.

Some of Shaydar's accomplishments include:

*Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) - June 26th, 1999
*Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC) - February 3rd, 2001
*AAC Agility Dog of Canada Certificate (ADC) - Sept 20, 2003
*AAC Starters Games Dog of Canada (SGDC) - Sept 20, 2003
*AAC BC/Yukon Regional Qualifier - May 2005

*AAC BC/Yukon Regional Qualifier - May 2006




McCoy CGC, HIC, CD and "Therapy Dog"

DOB: February 10th, 1999 - July 31st, 2009

McCoy is deeply missed (see In Memory)...

DAM: Unknown (German Shepherd?)
SIRE: Unknown (German Shepherd?)
NAME: Mounsey's McCoy
CKC registered - Performance Event Number (PEN)
AKC registered - Indefinite Listing Priviledge (ILP)

McCoy has done some obedience and some agility. 
He had both his elbows operated on before he was 2 yrs old.
He now has some arthritis in his elbows, he has one bad hip and spondoloysis of the spine. 

He loves hiking with his buddies and is currently working towards his tracking title and his Rally Obedience title.
Some of McCoy's accomplishments include:
* Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC) - February 3, 2001
* Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) - May 6, 2001
* Certified Therapy Dog (Pet's and People) - March 2, 2002
* CKC Companion Dog Certificate (CD) - May 5, 2002



DOB: April 13th, 2003- September 27th, 2007

Gili's life ended way too soon. (see In memory)

DAM: Unknown (Australian Kelpie?)
SIRE: Unknown (Australian Kelpie?)
NAME: Mounsey's Agility Gili
AKC registered - Indefinite Listing Priviledge (ILP) PENDING

Gili is the upcoming agility dog. She has her big brother's shoes to fill and is progressing nicely.


*AAC Specials Starters Games Dog of Canada (SSGDC) April 8 2006

*CKC Canine Good Neighbor Certificate (CGN) - May 7 2006

*AAC BC/Yukon Regional Qualifier - May 2006

*Herding Instinct Certificate - October 8 2006

*AAC National Champsionships Competitor Aug 18-20 2006

*AAC Specials Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada (SMJDC) Aug 11 2007

*AAC Specials Masters Snooker Dog of Canada (SMSDC) Sept 15 2007

*AAC Special Advanced Games Dog of Canada (SAGDC) Sept 15 2007



DOB: March 31, 2007

DAM: WFS Pumpkin (Australian Kelpie)

SIRE: BS Dodge (Australian Kelpie)

NAME: Seth Creek Brisbane

NAAKC registered


CKC registered

CERF Clear July 8th, 2011


*AAC Starters Games Dog of Canada (SGDC) Sept 2010

*Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada (MJDC) Sept 2012

AAC Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) May 2012

AAC Advanced Games Dog of Canada (AGDC) May 2013

AAC Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada (MJDC) Sept 2013

CKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves  March 2014

AAC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AADC) June20 2015

AAC Masters Snooker Dog of Canada (MSCD) April 18 2015

CKC Top Agility Dog Award (Australian Kelpie) 3rd 2013

CKC Top Agility Dog Award (Australian Kelpie) 3rd 2014


Brisz is currently competing in AAC Agility at the Masters level in Snooker and Jumpers, Advanced level in Gamblers and still in Starters Standard as of January 2012.  Brisz has had a bit of a rough start to his agility career, being on the injured list more often than I would like.  I made the trek out to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon with Brisz in July 2011 to confirm he suffers from “Exercise Induced Collapse” which we are managing.  Brisz enjoys herding and has participated in one arena trial but we don’t see sheep often enough to become competitive in herding.  Brisz’s favourite thing is to play ball in the winter and herd sprinklers in the summer.  He is a clown at heart and a very cuddly guy when he lets you past his tough exterior.  His nicknames are Brisz-y B and Busy Briszy and I wouldn’t change him for the world.  Brisz has taught me so much and I love him.



DOB: June 22, 2009

DAM: COYOTE CREEK TRIER (Australian Kelpie)

SIRE: CONRADS DELFT BLUE (Australian Kelpie)

NAME: Dream Bigs Aim N Fire

NAAKC registered


CKC registered

CERF Clear July 8th, 2011


2013 / 2014 Winter Arena Sheep Herding Series Overall Novice Champion

CKC Top Agility DOg Award (Australian Kelpie) 5th 2016

Well, Tikk-E as she is referred to, will be entering the AAC Agility ring this year.  We did a few summer trials last year but the outdoor environment proved to be a bit too much stimulation for Tikka despite her age she is still very much a baby dog.  Tikka is doing awesome on sheep when we can get out and practice and has improved tremendously in Rally Obedience.  I am not pushing her in the ring as we will have lots of time, we are working on becoming a better team.  Tikka is a handful at best…destructive and demanding but a joy to work.  She won’t give up and gives 110%. She is a bed hog and very cuddly.  I just love my little Tikk-E Bean to pieces.






D.O.B. October 5th, 2013

Dam : CWS Millie


Sire : JLM Boomer (Border Collie)


Name : JLM Thomas (Border Collie)


CBCA Registered


C-WAGS Scent Patrol Level 1 (CW-SP) June 3 2017

C-WAGS Scent Detective Level 2 (CW-SD) June 3 2017


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would own a Border Collie but KruZ (Thomas/Bear) had other plans.  He was bred by a good friend and my sheep herding instructor and I think she saved him just for me.  He is the best little puppy and I could not imagine my life without him.  I can hardly wait for him to hit the herding trials in a few years but for now we are just having fun hiking and learning the basics needed to be the awesome well mannered dog I know he is.  Looking forward to our adventures together




DOB: October 28, 2006

DAM: Lily (Pug)

SIRE: Shorty (Pug)

NAME: Mounsey's McGilish

Mac, as he is known, is just the bestest little pug ever and I will always have a special place in my heart for him, plus he is named after McCoy, Gili and Shaydar.




DOB November 26th, 2009

Tosh is my parents “FOSTER” pug that failed.  After being bounced around and finally ending up in Small Dog Rescue (www.oksmalldog.com), I think he was with my parents one day as a foster before he wormed his way into their house and lives.  Tosh is just the most cuddly dog I have ever known and despite his evil little temper, he is a pretty cool little pug that just wants to please.  I hope to start his agility training this summer and we will see where that goes.



Also known as "The Wanderer"

DOB sometime in 2002

Akita, Heeler and possibly Husky X, rescued from a pound up North.

Waylon is only with use part time when he is not working as a pack dog carrying up to 50lbs all day long. I hope he enjoys his time as part of the group, as we all enjoy having him with us. He is an expert escape artist and does enjoy roaming the neighborhood when he should be in the yard. He is constantly challenging my creativity in creating new ways of keeping him IN the yard. He is very easy going and gets along with the other dogs. Everyone that meets him like him and for a big dog, he has a very cuddly side.

Waylon left us February 2012 to join back up with his Dad in Alberta.  Although Waylon only spent the winter months with us, he was just part of the pack and we all miss him.  Waylon loved to snuggle on the bed and has a gentle soul.  Stay Safe Waylon!!!

In Memory June 29, 2016





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